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West of England Brass Band Championships14th March 2020Riviera International Centre, Torquay, Testpiece - Legacy by Tom Davoren

The Band have been busy this year working on the testpiece Legacy, written as a celebration of the achievements of Aneurin Bevan and the 70th Anniversary of the NHS. A topical choice as it has turned out. Dave Hayward prepared the band to be contest ready, and Dan Shave came in for the last week to top and tail our performance. We are very grateful to them both for their hard work .The band were drawn to play 16th out of the 17 bands entered in our section, quite a different experience to last year, when we drew number 1 ! We had some lovely moments in our performance which resulted in a 6th place, and we will build on this for future concerts and contests.The band is on a short break now, after the intense practising for the contest, and this may well be prolonged due to the current situation.